After many years as a driver for various companies, William Webb (better known as Bill), decided to start his own company, as a result William E. Webb Haulage started trading in 1970.

Bill started as a one lorry, owner driver and struggled to make ends meet, but in the early 1970’s he started hauling for a, new to England company, a successful company in other countries. By 1973, Bill had a fleet of Bedford lorries, transporting household cleaning products, to private houses throughout the United Kingdom. The chemical company ceased trading in the UK in the mid-1970’s.

As an established company by now, we moved on to carry kitchen appliances, food products and other goods which required a box lorry and then later, box lorries with tail lifts.

In the 1980’s, we supplied lorries to a builders merchant company and later bought and built our first lorry loader vehicle, based on a Bedford TK. We explored many avenues in the building industry, moving into bulk deliveries of bricks, blocks and roof tiles, which we carried on a Foden S80, 8x4 mid-mounted lorry loader vehicle. Some of the largest UK suppliers would use us, such as London Brick Company, Redland Roof tiles, Marley Roof Tiles, Tarmac Top Block and many more.

We have diversified many times, but are now veterans in the lorry loader haulage industry.

In our time in business, we have carried so many varied goods, all over the United Kingdom, we have also carried many goods that you would not expect to see on our roads, a mock galleon, a sea rescue helicopter and many different film set structures.

In 1995 we bought our first larger lorry loader and started transporting portable accommodation, we are now recognised as specialists in this field.

We undertake the lifting, transporting, the siting and levelling, of all different size and weight accommodation units, as well as double stacking, securing and the erection of staircases. We still carry machines and plant, or whatever our customers would like transported and we also offer a towing service of, up to 3.5 tonnes, with our Land Rover, for portable towing welfare units, toilets, offices and caravans.

We still operate as a family company today, with Bill Webb still in finacial control, Gary Webb (son) Transport Manager, Gaynor Pereira (daughter) Accounts Manager and Carla Webb (grandaughter) Office Manager.

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